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My name is Tamara Williams, the Subject Matter Expert on Transitions.  I assist advisors by managing the process of transitioning their current business to another broker dealer.  With almost 20 years in the Financial Industry, I have gained an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of this complex and multifaceted processes in this business. 

One mainly being the mammoth task of an advisor transferring his, or her, book of business to another broker dealer.

While we understand the challenges that come along with transitions,

The Williams Consulting Group has identified that advanced planning can create a seamless transition process. We have what it takes to direct the process and produce expected results.  The Williams Consulting Group is that much needed liaison between the advisor, the recruiting broker dealer or RIA, and their teams.

I received my formal education from Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL, graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor's in Finance with a minor in Accounting.  After a couple of years of searching for that perfect job, I finally landed a job with Merrill Lynch as a Cashier.  That launched my career in Finance.  After multiple horizontal moves within the wirehouse space, I started my next career move with an independent RIA.  I was unfamiliar with this territory, but I quickly adjusted and learned the dynamics of this area of the industry. 


Eventually, I became the Director of Transitions for an independent broker dealer.  This is where I was able to experience the Back Office piece of how this machine worked.  I learned the process of transitioning a book of business, but also the emotional process of an advisor deciding to move their business.  Transitions can be a scary and unsettling time for an advisor.  This is their livelihood.

The latter part of my career has been dedicated to learning the transition process, streamlining procedures, identifying challenges, and improving advisor pain points.  Transitions are complex and unique to each advisor. 

I have learned the right questions to ask, things to consider, and best practices to help you execute a seamless transition.

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